Elizabeth Johnson walks out of court during her own trial

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- The Tempe mother on trial in her baby's disappearance walked out of the courtroom on Tuesday. Elizabeth Johnson said it was just too much to sit through.

Johnson left the court as prosecutors wrapped up their case against her. She's accused of kidnapping and custodial interference.

After seven days stretching over three weeks, prosecutors rested their case on Tuesday in the high-profile kidnapping and custodial interference trial of missing baby Gabriel's mom Elizabeth Johnson.

The trial is now on hold for two weeks because of jurors' commitments and scheduling conflicts.

On Oct. 16, the jury will reassemble to hear if Johnson's defense attorney Marc Victor plans to call any witnesses.

Victor has indicated that if he does present a defense, Elizabeth Johnson could be called to the stand.

Prosecutors wrapped up their case on Tuesday by first calling a police detective from Miami Beach, Florida to testify.

Det. Jenny Velasquez told jurors  that she and other Miami Beach cops were alerted by Tempe police officers in late 2009 that Elizabeth Johnson may be staying in a low rent "hostel" in their town.

Velasquez said she and another officer then tracked Johnson down at the hostel and when Johnson was approached, Velasquez said, she initially gave officers a fake name.

Prosecutors believe Johnson took a bus to Florida after first going to San Antonio, Texas in late December 2009.

It was in San Antonio that Johnson's 8-month-old son Gabriel was last seen.

On the stand this morning, the Miami Beach police detective told jurors that when she caught up with Johnson there was no sign of the baby or baby supplies in Johnson's room and that when Johnson was taken to a police station she told a couple of different stories about what had happened to her baby.

One version, according to Velasquez, was that Johnson gave the child away to a couple at a Texas motel.

Another version, the detective said, was that Johnson gave the baby away to a man and a woman in a park.

After the lunch break, Elizabeth Johnson informed Judge Joseph Kreamer that she did not want to be in court as prosecutors concluded their case.

The judge granted the request and Johnson was ushered out of the court by bailiffs.

Prosecutor Angela Andrews played for jurors two recorded telephone conversations.

The first call was an angry confrontation between Elizabeth Johnson and Tammi Smith, the Scottsdale woman who has already been convicted for her role in Baby Gabriel's disappearance.

The last call played for jurors was a telephone conversation between Johnson and her one time boyfriend and Baby Gabriel's father Logan McQuery in which Johnson says she killed their child.

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