Cellulite 'treatments'

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

If you've ever wondered why some people get cellulite and others don't or why you can't get rid of it, Dr. Art Mollen can explain.

1. Dimpled/lumpy look to the skin, thighs, abdomen, buttocks.

2. Cosmetic problem, not illness.

3. Caused by fat deposits and collagen fibers that are pulling tight on the skin causing fat to bulge.

4. Cellulite is related to skin structure … even skinny people can develop it.

5. Genetics, hormones are the risk factors so if you’re Mother had it, good luck.

6. Exercise and diet can prevent some of it.

7. Retinol cream can thicken the skin. But most creams don’t work, so save your money.

8. Lipo massage device used at Medspas is very temporary. Twice weekly for 14 weeks is usual treatment.  But stop the treatment and the cellulite returns.

9. Radio frequency is heat with a massage, but it is only temporary as well.

10. Laser devices has some benefit.

11. Liposuction – causes more skin dimpling, however laser assisted liposuction may be better since it destroys and removes fat under the skin.  But they include risks, scarring and burns.

12. Subcision – invasive technique needle connected tissue beneath the skin but it is expensive $4,000.

13. Mesotherapy – injections of fat dissolving substance (i.e.) using detergents,  referred to be “Lipodissolve Products” – FDA has put out warnings on these products.

14. Body Wraps makes you feel good, but are temporary tightening of the ski.

15. Cellulite cure products are basically “scams."

16. At the end of day – exercise / diet are your best bet.