Fan bites Danny Bonaduce at Wash. state casino

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Former child TV star and current Seattle radio DJ Danny Bonaduce was bitten by a crazed fan during an event at a Western Washington casino on Friday night.
Bonaduce was at the Skagit Valley Casino when, he said, the first fan in line asked him if she could kiss him and then latched onto his cheek.

"Can I kiss you?' Yeah... I think I'll bite off your face instead," Bonaduce said in an interview at his Seattle home.

"It's like having 10 lit wadded up cigarettes and stuffing them against my cheek and not having them go out," he said.

"I've been shot and I've been stabbed ... this hurt worse," he said.

Casino employees declined comment and Skagit County dispatchers said police were never called.

Bonaduce said he doesn't plan to press charges.

"I won't press charges unless they call me up and say we really think she'll harm herself, please press charges, and then I would," he said.
Bonaduce, who appeared at Peterson Brothers 1111 bar in Tacoma on Thursday night, sent out a Tweet on Saturday, referencing the biting incident.

"Peterson Bros 1111's meatloaf sandwiches are really good, but apparently I'm delicious," he said.