Oregon couple awakened by naked intruder

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PORTLAND -- Richard Shepherd and his partner were fast asleep Friday morning when a stranger appeared in their bedroom.

"There are crazy things that happen in life," said Shepherd.  "This is one you don't expect."

Perhaps it's crazy for no other reason than the man's attire--or lack thereof.  Shepherd said the intruder was wearing nothing.

"We woke up and I looked over and there he was right here, completely naked."

Shepherd gathered himself and chased the man out of his apartment.  It is believed the man climbed over the fence outside Shepherd's Northeast Glisan apartment complex.  The man then used some pipes to crawl up the side of the building and onto Shepherd's second story balcony where he found the door wide open.

"He was more scared than I was cause I was in his face and I was in his face to get out," said Shepherd.

Minutes after the man took off he was apprehended by officers.  He was identified as 37-year-old Michael Hordeman.  He was booked into jail and released on his own recognizance.

"He was definitely on some sort of drug," said Shepherd.  "I'm not a drug expert."

Shepherd's no expert. He's just a guy who was on the receiving end of a rude awakening.

"It ended well and it's something to be aware of," said Shepherd.  "Life happens."