Playgrounds at restaurants under heavier inspection

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- One woman here in the Valley is making sure that restaurants are keeping their playgrounds clean for kids.

After discovering filthy conditions in several play areas across the city, Dr. Erin Carr-Jordan began working to make sure businesses kept their facilities in good condition.

“I found E. coli, I have found pseudomonas, which is the number one cause of hospital infections, potentially fatal,” said Dr. Carr-Jordan.

Thanks to Dr. Carr-Jordan’s work, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has added a new list of duties for restaurant health inspectors.

“As a part of doing the typical kitchen inspection, other inspections that they do, they will also be inspecting the playground area if there is one,” said Maricopa County spokesperson Cari Gerchick.

Gerchick said restaurants with a playground are now required to provide hand sanitizers and clean the area once a day.

Dr. Carr-Jordan said Maricopa County is now on the forefront when it comes to keeping restaurant playgrounds clean. She’s hoping other areas of the country will follow suit.

“I think Maricopa County is leading the way, we are an example of what to do,” she said. “I won’t be satisfied until it’s a national policy.”

Restaurants with playgrounds are now being inspected twice a year.

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