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SHE: Sexual Health Experts
1760 E. Pecos Road, Suite 516
Gilbert, Arizona 85295
(480) 619-4486

Workman Publishing, 225 Varick St., New York, NY 10014.
3030 N Central Ave, St 509
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Kickrest: Pigskin fans - it’s finally ok to put your feet up on the coffee table! Kickrest grips onto your table without damaging it. Made of soft fleece, Kickrest has a “hood” so you can pop your feet on top of its cozy memory foam pillow, and then throw the fleece “hood” over your feet to stay warm. Kickrest comes in several colors, to match any room décor and it’s simple to put on and take off.
Beth Quinn Design’s  Inspirational Jewelry  and bags to travel  with Affirmations.   Like  She is Blessed for Thanksgiving.  Beth Quinn is a local artist and makes them in her Mesa studio. She combines vintage beads and jewels to create necklaces  honoring "women" in her life .. much of the jewelry has the word she in it.. little affirmations to bring women joy in there journey through life and made with bits of sparkle to be worn close to your heart.
Reverse Charades Reverse Charades is a twist on the classic game.  Instead of one person acting out a word or phrase, the team performs for one member to guess.  The result is nothing short of hilarious.
This game is pure chaos and laughter- all you need for a great bonding time with family and friends!  Locally- game can be purchased at Barnes & Noble and Game Daze locations Valley wide!
Butter Bell- can take a stick of regular butter and keep it on counter and it is so cute.
 Easy for baking...!!  useful kitchen decor! Looking for the perfect gift for the “chef” in your life?  The Butter Bell crocks are the way to go!  They are beautiful, trendy and functional; the perfect edition to any kitchen something you will will use every day and wonder how they ever lived without it!  Butter Bell crocks are a modern version of the authentic French beurrier.  They hold a stick of butter keeping it soft, delicious, spreadable and safe without refrigeration.  Butter Bell Crocks are available at several Valley locations (Sur La Table, Kitchen Concepts, Kitchen Gourmet- details at
Wikki Stix. Made in Phoenix-The Halloween Fun Kit is packed with seven fun activities- make a spider web, window decorations, Halloween masks; even decorate a pumpkin with your Wikkies!  With Wikki Stix, kids will have a great Halloween and parents won’t need to worry about cavities!  Wikki Stix are made from a wax and yarn formula.  They are non-toxic and endlessly reusable.  Wikkies stick to any surface and each other. They are quiet, mess-free and hours of entertainment.
Betty Lou. When we think of “Fall” and “food” our minds automatically conjure images of cobbler,  apple and cherry pies!  Now you can have your “pie” and eat it too without ever dirtying a dish or turning on the oven –thanks to the Betty Lou’s line of fantastic tasting fruit bars.   It is like having a snack-sized cobbler or pie at your disposal without ever stepping foot in a kitchen.  The best part is these fruit bars are ALL natural and the sugars in them come from natural fruit and fruit juice so they are great for both kids and adults alike.
BlueDiamond Nut Thins (healthy crackers) are fabulous for healthy, gluten-free entertaining.
From the makers of delicious Blue Diamond Almonds- These perfectly seasoned crackers let you hang onto the flavor and let go of the guilt this holiday season... wheat & gluten-free, loaded with crunch and bursting with flavor, like pepper jack or pecan. These delicious crackers can be found at any Whole Foods or natural foods section in your grocery store.


Foster Care Open House

WHAT: A Place To Call Home will be participating in a foster care and adoption open house. The event is free and open to the public. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about foster care and adoption, meet representatives from a A Place To Call Home and other programs relating to Arizona's foster care system, and find out ways in which they can help children living in out-of-home care. This event will take place simultaneously in two locations in an effort to engage prospective families and individuals living throughout the Valley.

WHEN: Saturday, September 29, 2012; 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Mesa Convention Center, Superstition Room, Building A - 263 N. Center Street, Mesa, AZ 85201

Sheraton Crescent Hotel, 2620 W. Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021