Parents protest bullying at Glendale elementary school

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Armed with homemade signs and chants of “Stop the bullying, protect our kids,” concerned parents gathered Friday to protest what they say is on-going bullying at Landmark Elementary School.

Tamara Sowers said her 8 year old son Michael has been bullied for a month and a half by a child in his classroom.
“He’s come home with bruises, he’s come home with cuts, he’s come home with a busted lip,” said Sowers.
Sowers and other protesters said that the school has not done enough to stop bullying and protect children.
As the protest of about 10 parents got under way, more parents stopped to tell their stories of bullying at other schools.
“My daughter came home and said there was a kill list that had been circulated at school and she was at the top of it,” said one woman who took her daughter out of a local private school in March after the kill list incident.
Jim Cummings, a spokesperson for the Glendale Elementary District, said they take reports of bullying very seriously.
“We have a strong anti-bullying program and when we hear reports of a bullying incident we take that very seriously,” said Cummings.
Cummings could not comment on Sower’s son, saying that it was against school policy to speak about individual students. He did, however, say that the school wanted to work with her to come to a resolution.
Tamicia Currie with the organization I Will Not Bully said she has heard numerous stories from parents who felt like their child was not protected from school bullies.
Currie’s organization provides resources for parents and children including counseling and help communicating with schools, but she said it is crucial for parents to communicate with their children first.
“Sit down with your child. Have them write a letter to that person that hurt them. That helps them get their feelings out,” said Currie.