Thelma's Bridal leaves bride in tears

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Rachel Gaucin has pretty much everything she needs for her wedding day next month. She has her veil, decorations, and of course, she and her fiance have their wedding rings.

"We wanted to start planning right away," Rachel told 3 On Your Side.

And part of that planning included not only picking out her wedding dress, but getting her three bridesmaids to choose dresses as well.

"It's been fun and kind of stressful at times. It's been really fun just picking out the color," Rachel said.

Rachel and her bridesmaids came to Thelma's Bridal and Tuxedos in Phoenix where they purchased four dresses for just over $700.

They made payments until everything was almost paid for in full. But when they went back to Thelma's recently, the store was closed and cleaned out.

"My heart stopped and my stomach turned," Rachel recalled.

Rachel contacted 3 On Your side, and it was discovered that many of the dress payments were checks made out to a guy named Rudy Herrera, not Thelma's Bridal.

Rudy Herrera has a Facebook page, and guess what we found? Plenty of pictures of Thelma's Bridal Store before it mysteriously closed up.

3 On Your Side also found a picture of Thelma. We tried contacting everyone we could, including calling a number on Thelma's empty store front, but no one would ever call back.

However, after 3 On Your Side's involvement, Rachel said she received a mysterious phone call from a man who refused to identify himself, but claimed he was with Thelma's Bridal and that he was mailing out the four dresses.

Rachel said that's music to her ears because her wedding is just around the corner.

"All we're asking for is our dresses back. We don't want to cause any trouble or anything. The wedding is a month away and that's all we're really asking for," she told 3 On Your Side.

Rachel and her bridesmaids are supposed to be getting their dresses any day now. 3 On Your Side will do a follow up and let you know if they did.