Girl fights at Phoenix middle school has parent scared for daughter's safety

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- In two YouTube videos you can hear cheering for two female students fighting.

They're young girls fighting in the halls of Akimel Middle School in Phoenix.

“I had no idea the violence that was going on because that fight went on for several minutes,” said concerned parent, Debbie Busby.
Busby’s daughter told her these fights are going on all the time at her school.

Her child is now afraid of becoming the next victim.

“I’m worried about her safety just because this seems to be something that's becoming the norm at this school,” said Busby.

The concerned parent reached out to school officials and said she didn't get the response she was hoping for.

“They didn't say ‘We understand your concern.’ That never came out of their mouth that ‘We understand you could be concerned and we're taking appropriate action,’” said Busby.

Nancy Dudenhoefer with the Kyrene School District said swift action has been taken against the students.

“Whenever an altercation of any kind occurs it's immediately investigated and punishments or consequences are given out at that point,” said Dudenhoefer.

Busby wants to know where the teachers were when these girls were fighting.

“I think the teachers and administrators need to be more involved and have more of a presence,” recommended Busby.

In one of the videos a school official eventually breaks up the fight.

We’re told with recent budget cuts the school’s staff is smaller but teachers are monitoring the situation.