911 Calls: Drivers report person with grenade launcher in Phoenix

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- A person walking around a busy street corner armed with what appeared to be a rocket-propelled grenade launcher prompted several 911 calls on July 28.

Phoenix police released the calls Thursday morning.

Most callers described the weapon as a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher. They said he was aiming the weapon at passing cars near 33rd Avenue and Bell Road in Phoenix.

Some callers said they saw another person holding a video camera and filming him.

The grenade launcher was actually a fake and the person walking around with it was a teen who told police his uncle put him up to it.

Michael Turley is facing four criminal counts, including endangerment and misconduct involving simulated explosives. It is not known at this time if the teen will face any charges.

Turley told investigators he did it to test the response of Phoenix police.

Turley claims the police took nearly 15 minutes to respond, but police dispute that.

"Once the call was actually put out by dispatch until the time we got there, it was about three and a half minutes," Phoenix police spokesman James Holmes said.