PD: Man hit with hatchet, woman shot during neighbor dispute in Surprise

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Marvin Bryan (L) and Oraine Archer (R) By Andrew Michalscheck Marvin Bryan (L) and Oraine Archer (R) By Andrew Michalscheck

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- A dispute between neighbors in Surprise escalated into a violent encounter involving guns and a hatchet.

It happened Wednesday afternoon in a neighborhood near 137th Avenue and Litchfield Road.
Police said Marvin Bryan, 29, hit Oraine Archer, 29, in the face with a hatchet. Archer then pulled a gun and shot at Bryan, but the bullet missed its intended target and hit Bryan's sister instead.

"It was pretty crazy," said Forest Westerman, who lives in the neighborhood. "She ran out saying there's been shots fired."

Westerman heard those shots and lives right next door to the woman who was hit once in the abdomen. She wasn't the only one hurt, though.

"I saw wounds on the male that lives there," Westerman said. "I saw a gunshot in his foot."

Police said the men started fight over a monetary debt.

Bryan has been booked into the Maricopa County 4th Avenue Jail on an aggravated assault charge. After being released from the hospital, Archer was also booked into jail on charges of aggravated assault and reckless discharge of a firearm.

Bryan's sister was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries that were not immediately life threatening.