UPDATE: Sun City man reimbursed $700

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SUN CITY, Ariz. -- Roger Scharenbroich is holding something he thought he'd never get: a $700 check.  

"Well, we're very happy with it and we certainly appreciate the help of Gary and Channel 3," Scharenbroich said.  

When Scharenbroich was profiled last week in a 3 On Your Side report, he was out more than $700, all because of a leaking refrigerator. He had purchased a Kenmore refrigerator from Sears back in May, but several weeks after it was delivered, the appliance leaked.

"Right after we bought it, there was water pooling underneath the wood floor," Scharenbroich explained.

Scharenbroich called Sears and told them about his problem. They immediately delivered a new appliance and took the defective one away.

However, Scharenbroich was still out $732. He paid $250 for a plumber he initially called out and another $482 to repair his hardwood floors, which warped from the leaking refrigerator.  

Sears told Scharenbroich to file a claim with their third party adjuster, Sedgwick, to be reimbursed. He did, but said a Sedgwick representative kept delaying his claim with excuses.  

3 On Your Side got involved and asked Sedgwick to find out what the hold up was. After all, Scharenbroich filed his claim months ago.

Not only did they look into the matter, but they immediately rushed Scharenbroich a check for $700, money he wonders if he ever would have received without my help.  

I just wanted to say again, thank you," Scharenbroich tells 3 On Your Side.