Police looking into picture of baby keg stand at ASU tailgate

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Arizona State University has built a reputation as a party school, but a picture that's surfaced on the Web has some people angry.

On Monday night, gossip website TheDirty.com posted a picture of two young men holding a baby upside down over a beer keg -- the tap appears to be touching the baby's mouth.

The website's creator, Nik Richie, said the person who submitted the photo claims it was taken at last weekend's tailgate outside ASU's home football game.

"Before I put the picture up I got it to my Web nerds, as I call them, they looked at the picture then checked to make sure it hasn't gone through photoshop. It's 100 percent legitimate," said Richie, who receives up to 2,000 picture submissions in a day.

Richie, who is normally laid back and used to scandals himself, said he was appalled at the photo.

"As soon as I saw it, I was in shock," he said. "At first I didn't believe it. I do ask that the parents come forward and make an apology."

But whether the events that appear to take place actually did is up to ASU police to decide.

The school said in an email on Tuesday, "ASU police are looking into the posted photo. It's not clear if this is a joke or an actual event that occurred. Police are contacting the website..."

A quick Google search shows the picture appearing out of ASU isn't the first of baby-over-keg. It's just the latest.