Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine releases first coffee-table book

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PHOENIX -- For several decades architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Bill Tull, even Vern Swaback, worked to leave their mark on the desert Southwest.

Their work has given our part of the country a distinct look that speaks to geography's culture and climate. As the desert Southwest developed and people arrived from other areas of the country, a slew of talented architects, artisans, landscapers, builders and interior designers offered interpretations of their own, creating a look and style that eventually became increasingly diverse.

Linda Barkman is the editor of Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine. She says that to truly reflect the Southwest, geography, culture and climate must be accounted for in the way each is designed. In the magazine's new "Essential Southwest" coffee table book, extraordinary examples of this are featured on 224 colorful and beautifully produced pages.

Each one demonstrates the essence of Southwest style. This book incorporates diverse influences here in Arizona including Pueblo, Territorial, Ranch, Spanish Colonial and more. It also includes properties in Santa Fe, N.M., featuring ambiances that may be rustic, refined or something in-between.

Barkman says all of the homes and gardens featured in this book embrace the sites that surround them, celebrate the region, and capture the homeowners’ desire for a strong indoor/outdoor connection.

You'll also find user friendly design tips to incorporate Southwest living in your home.

Essential Southwest is available now.