Bullied teen speaks out about homecoming court joke

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WEST BRANCH, Mich. -- A bullied teenager in Michigan is getting the last laugh. Students nominated her for Homecoming Court as a joke, and she won. She is rising above the cruel prank, and now the community is rallying around her.

Bernice Kropp was both delighted and devastated to find out her daughter was elected to this year's homecoming court.

"Initially when i came home from work she was excited because she had been elected to homecoming court. It wasn't until later in the evening she was in her bedroom. She was upset and crying," said Bernice.

At Ogemaw Heights High School, it is believed that some students decided to nominate Kropp as a joke, but then she won.

"Shame on you. You are so hurtful to her. And that's just mean," said Bernice.

In a video posted on YouTube one of Whitney's friends said, "I'm ashamed that my community, the individuals in my community would do this."

News of the prank spread quickly.

When the owners of Whit's End Salon heard about it, they immediately reached out to the family.

"We're going to do her hair. As far as an up do, whatever she wants done. And then we will do her nails and makeup and anything else she wants."

And since she'll also need a dress for the dance, the Glass Slipper stepped in.

"We took a look at a dress for her. We're helping her out with a gown. As well as some other community members are involved with the gown. Something for her hair. Her footwear, her shoes, to make her feel special."

Despite being a victim of bullying, Whitney wanted to make sure the entire class didn't take the fall, so she posted a video on YouTube.

"People have a saying, the class of 2015 is a bad class. I want you guys to know that the class of 2015 is not a bad class."

The district is aware of the allegations. But the superintendent did not want to comment on camera, until he's gathered more information.

But he did say the district will not tolerate any form of bullying.

Whitney's mom said the overwhelming support has helped make a bad situation right.

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Bullied teen speaks out about homecoming court joke