Scottsdale woman has wheelchair problems

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Arteyhviah Badar said her poor health makes it difficult to get around these days.

"I have Parkinson's and I have nerve damage that derives from two things," she explained.

So, Badar depends on a wheelchair to help her get around.

But recently, the arm on her wheelchair broke. As a result, she called her insurance company, Mercy Care, right away to come fix it.

"They took my chair away and they brought me back this," Badar recalled.

The problem, Badar said, is that Mercy Care returned a chair that's not only not hers, but the one they gave her is not as comfortable as hers was.

She said the chair arms are a lot shorter. It doesn't fit her like her old one and it's heavier to push around.
"It's not comfortable to have to sit in a chair with less space, I'm a large woman," Badar explained. 

Badar said every time she calls Mercy Care to complain they tell her it's the same chair they took and that she's mistaken.

So, she contacted 3 On Your Side

"Channel 3, you listen to common people. You listen to people and you get results," Badar said.

3 On Your Side contacted Mercy Care, which immediately looked into Badar's issue. They claim their records indicate it is her original wheelchair that they returned.

However, they are ordering Badar a new wheelchair, one that hopefully fits her better, is more comfortable and makes it easier for her to get around.

Badar said it may be just a wheelchair to some people but to her, having the right chair is important and she thanks 3 On Your Side for helping her out.

Mercy Care was really good to work with and I appreciate them resolving the matter as quickly as they did.