Marie Osmond gets back to her roots with talk/variety show on Hallmark

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PHOENIX -- She's going back to where she started -- as host of a new talk/variety show!

Audiences around the world came to know Marie Osmond (@MarieOsmond on Twitter) when she hosted the "Donny & Marie" variety show in the late '70s and early '80s. After decades in show business, a few weddings, eight kids and a bump on her head from a routine gone wrong on "Dancing With the Stars," she's had plenty of ups and downs that she's ready to share weekdays on the Hallmark Channel.

The entertainment icon has loads of treats in store for viewers of her new show "Marie" -- celebrity chats, duets with singers, fashion and decorating tips, advice on women's issues and don't forget the food. This show will have it all!

Beginning with her national debut at age three on "The Andy Williams Show," Osmond has proven to be a resilient talent with a magnetic presence known across generations. Performing for almost five continuous decades is a rare accomplishment achieved by very few women in the entertainment business.

On "Marie," Osmond imparts her insights on surviving all of life's roadblocks and detours with heartfelt advice about how to survive and move on with dignity, humor and optimism. 

"Marie" premieres on Oct. 1. Check your local listings for channel and time.