Suns Forward Frye possibly out all season

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PHOENIX -- News of Channing Frye's medical condition has a lot of Suns fans worried he won't play again. But he's hoping it won't be too long before he's back in the game.
“It's not a good situation but at the same time I do have hope,” said the Suns forward.
Frye has just been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and it likely means he'll be sitting out the entire season.
“I look at it as a rare opportunity to spend time with my family that I may not get again, especially with my kids so young, and see how everything goes behind the scenes especially during the season,” said Frye.
The Suns cardiologist Dr. Tim Byrne said the heart condition was discovered during a routine physical required by the NBA, and Frye is lucky the sometimes fatal condition was caught so early.
“The most likely cause is a virus and many times those do improve and get better so yes there is a very real chance he could return to normal function and a normal lifestyle,” said Dr. Tim Byrne.
But as far as ever playing professional basketball again, doctors said it is possible and Frye is confident he will.
“You know I'm not done yet I still have a lot to prove,” said Frye. “I feel great. Coming in I was ready to drain some threes and post up a little bit you know.”
Frye is definitely optimistic but doctors say his reality for now is rest.
“I'm going to hope to come back as soon as I can but at the same time I have to allow my body to do what it has to do so when my sons are 15, 16 I don't have to sit on the sidelines, I can hoop it up with them and run with my daughter and go out and play,” said Frye.
And in the meantime, the Suns organization is standing by Frye 100 percent.
“There's a lot of pressure in this job and business but there is no pressure in these circumstances,” said Suns President of Basketball operations Lon Babby.
Frye hopes to attend as many games as possible this season and continue to be a leader on this team.

He will be re-evaluated in December at which time his future on the court will be more clear.