Turning parking spaces into park spaces

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- A few downtown parking spots were paid for Friday morning, but it wasn’t cars that were parked in them.

“You've fed the meter, thus renting the spot, and so we turn parking spaces into parks,” said Stacey Champion, who organized the fourth annual Park(ing) Day.  “Park(ing) Day is just a one-day worldwide event to re-imagine how we use our public space.”

There was music and yoga; you could even learn about "sustainable living."

It was a day to attract a little “green” attention.

“That's great, as long as they stay safe out there,” commented Karen Broadway, who was walking by.

Safe, because all of the action was happening next to one of the busiest roads in downtown Phoenix -- in between the Wells Fargo building and the old courthouse at Washington Street near First Avenue.

“Green public space makes people happy," Champion said. "When people can have that little connection with nature and other people it makes for a more joyful connected community."

Park(ing) Day started at around 7 a.m. Friday and ended three hours later.