911 Tape released of dramatic swift water rescue

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- It was dramatic video that aired on 3TV earlier this month that earned Jerry Hood his fifteen minutes of unwanted fame.

Hood got stuck in a wash in his work truck on a rainy day in Goodyear.

On Thursday, 3TV got the 911 tape from city officials.

Hood sounds a little disoriented as he first tells the operator he’s on Riggs Road but then changes his location.

Operator: "You're not on Riggs Road?"

Caller: "No. I don't know where the hell I am. But I was trying to get out of here. And everywhere I went this wash was running. So where I am I thought it wasn't that deep. But of course that's what everybody says. And so soon as I pulled in it liked washed me a little bit and stopped.”
Out of desperation Hood gets on top of his work truck.

It's really the only move he can make, as he watches his truck disappear into the murky water.

Operator: "And how high is the water up?"

Caller: "It's up to the doors. It's up coming through right at where the bottom of the door is here."

Operator: "OK but it's not up to the windows?

Caller: "No the window. The top of the door. The window.”

The truck is stuck in fast moving water 4-to-5 feet deep.

There's no way hood was about to swim to the closest bank, 20 feet away.

Hood is on the phone with the operator for several minutes before rescuers spotted him.

It took hours before he was back on dry land.

Hood jumped into a rescue raft and headed towards the bank unharmed.