$299 Resume takes longer than expected

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PHOENIX -- A Valley man said he paid nearly $300 for a company to create a résumé but after nearly two months, he is still waiting.

A résumé can make or break your chances. That's why some job seekers would rather pay someone to make their résumé.

But for Jesse Gray, he said he didn't expect it to take so long.

"Back in July, I had recently quit my job,” he said.

Gray said he was at a point in life where he was ready for a career change.

“I had noticed that my résumé had gotten a little rusty,” he said.

So, to spice up his résumé, Gray searched online for a résumé expert.

“I contacted Gloria from A Perfect Image Resumes and asked her what the process is, what to expect and what the pricing was,” Gray said.

He hired Gloria Aguirre, who owns a company called "A Perfect Image Resumes."

Gray said she quoted him $299 for her résumé service and for that price, Gray said he was promised a remarkable résumé.

“It was supposed be a great, great, perfect résumé that would be sure to get me hired,” he said.

Gray paid Aguirre the $299 fee back in mid-July and was told he'd have his résumé in just a couple of weeks.

Even Aguirre's online agreement states the typical turnaround time is "2 to 3 weeks after payment."

“August 1st came and went and I never received the résumé,” he said.

Gray said he called Aguirre and she asked him to give her a little more time.

Gray said he did, but week after week he said he never did get his résumé.

“She made these promises multiple times," Gray said. "We're three weeks past due now, six weeks from the initial day she cashed my check.”

Unable to wait anymore, Gray said he finally demanded his money back. After all, he said it had been six weeks -- a lot longer than he was expecting.

“After this conversation on August 22nd, she promised me I would have a check in the mail by Sept. 5,” he said.

But, that refund never showed up.

Gray was frustrated and then, two full months after he paid $299 and after he landed a job without that résumé, Aguirre sent him a rough draft, or proof.

But by this time, Gray just wanted his money back, so he contacted 3 On Your Side.

Aguirre tells us that her company has a no-refund policy and that Gray just wanted something for nothing.

She also had her attorney write us, who said, "A Perfect Image does not promise to complete résumé for any stated timeframe or specific date" and it may take longer during high-volume periods.

However, after 3 On Your Side’s involvement, A Perfect Image Resumes went ahead and mailed Gray a $299 refund.

Gray said he couldn't be happier.

"It took me two months of fighting with her to try to get some sort of resolution and it took you guys less than 24 hours to get a great resolution for me, so thank you very much,” Gray said.

We do appreciate "A Perfect Image Resumes" working with 3 On Your Side. The company has been in business for 20 years and has a pretty good rating with the Better Business Bureau.