The couch potato workout; get in 18-20 minutes of exercise while watching TV

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PHOENIX -- "I just don't have time."

It's one of the most common excuses for not working out.

Fitness pros Chris and Heidi Powell have come up with what they call a couch potato workout. It's made up of body-weight exercises and you do it during the commercial breaks while watching your favorite TV shows.

The Powells showed 3TV's Scott Pasmore exactly how it's done, explaining that you can get in a good 18 to 20 minutes of exercise during a one-hour show. Basically you rotate the exercises through each commercial in the break. That's 30 seconds to a minute per exercise until your show comes back.

"Forget the gym," Chris said. "I'm telling you, this is a great workout."

Heidi agreed, saying these "old-school" (Chris' description)  body-weight exercises are the ones she does when ever she has a spare five minutes.