7 Ways to reuse your iPhone

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PHOENIX -- It used to be having a cellphone was considered a luxury, but now that's not good enough.

These days, we have to have the very latest model, like the iPhone 5. Why are we so consumed with stuff like this? Valley iPhone users told us why.

"It's just easy to use, the pictures are easy, it loads fast and, oh for me, I have, right now, I think I have about 1,400 pictures on it," one person said.

"I can find movies, I can download my songs, I can do it all," another said.

So, if you plan on getting Apple's new iPhone 5, here are some ideas on what to do with your old iPhone.

First up, give it to your kids. They store video games, play movies and do all kinds of other stuff.

By the same token, give your iPhone to your parents. Some seniors are still clinging on to the old flip phone and this just might be the time to help them upgrade.

You could also turn it into your new alarm clock. Ditch your old, outdated alarm clock and try putting your iPhone in a different location every night for an added challenge in the morning.  

Make some money and sell your old iPhone. You can get up to $300 for it and even if it's broken, old iPhones are going for 90 bucks.  

You can also try trading it in. Retailers like GameStop are offering store credit or cash for your old iPhone. 

Here's a no-brainer: Keep the thing and use it as a backup in case your new phone is lost or stolen.

And, finally, use it as a camera. iPhones are smaller than traditional cameras and even take better digital pictures. Just remember to keep it charged up so it's ready to go when you need it.  

The Associated Press contributed to this story.