What you should detox your body; detox, cleanse are not synonymous

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PHOENIX -- Every day we are exposed to chemicals that are harmful to our health. These are small amounts of chemicals in our food, air, water, plastic bottles, food storage containers, cleaning products and detergents as well as cosmetic and grooming products. After years of daily exposure, these chemicals build up in our body and affect our health. They are linked to thyroid problems, cancers, autoimmune disorders and hormonal conditions.

Detoxification is a way to remove harmful chemicals from the body. Medically supervised detoxification is different than over-the-counter cleansing products which simply make you move your bowls.

Detoxification involves mobilizing chemicals and supporting the liver to break them down so we can eliminate them from the body. This can not only reverse illness and disease but prevent health problems in the first place.  

Dr. Marianne Marchese will be speaking on 'The Environmental links to Cancer' on behalf of the Wellness Community this Thursday, Sept. 20 at 6 p.m. at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church located at 4455 E. Lincoln Drive. This is a free event.

Marchese will also be running a 21-day detoxification program at Longevity Medical Health Center starting Oct. 29.

Learn more at www.drmarchese.com.