Greenway vs. Cactus -- Sept. 14

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You don't need a long bus ride for this game. Just 3 Miles separate Cactus High and Greenway. The two schools are even on the same street.

The Cobras and Demons both had a 2-1 record going into Friday's game. But, this isn't about records... it's about bragging rights.

The Cobra's Alex Armbrust started the game out with a few big plays that led to a key field goal in the 1st.

He started the game as the hot target for QB Talal Yousufzai... and he was guy Yousufzai would look for in clutch time.

With a minute to go, Greenway up by 3 pts. Cactus QB, Yousufzai found Armbrust for the game winning touchdown. A 23 yard strike that gave Cactus the win 22-17.