Sun City man says fridge caused $750 damage

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SUN CITY, Ariz. -- Roger Scharenbroich and his wife have lived in their Sun City home for quite a while.

"We bought it about 13 years ago and we downsized from what we had before," Scharenbroich said. 

Scharenbroich uses a walker so to make it a little easier to get around, he had beautiful wood floors installed.

Another big purchase he made was to get a new refrigerator so he went to Sears.

"We just went to Sears because we've done business with Sears before and we've always had good luck -- good products," Scharenbroich explained.

Scharenbroich wound up buying a black Kenmore refrigerator but after he had it delivered and installed, he noticed water was puddling on his floor, which really wasn't near the refrigerator.

Scharenbroich called in a plumber and later discovered that the water leak was coming from his new refrigerator, which turned out to be defective.

Sears promptly replaced the refrigerator, but Scharenbroich said he is still stuck with more than $700 in expenses -- $250 for the plumber and almost $500 to replace a portion of the wood floor, which buckled due to standing water.

"Seven hundred dollars probably doesn't seem like a lot of money to some people, but to us it does," Scharenbroich said. 

Sears told Scharenbroich to file a claim with its third party insurance administrator called Sedgwick. A Sedgwick representative wrote Scharenbroich a letter last month saying they were looking into the matter, but beyond that, Scharenbroich said he can't get an answer out of them.

"I've been calling her, that agent, weekly, trying to get something going. She keeps putting me off," Scharenbroich said.

Frustrated, he contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I would like to see them investigate this and see if they can get me a check," Scharenbroich said.

For now, Sedgwick and Sears are still looking into the matter for 3 On Your Side, but I should hear something later this week.