Take a safari on a budget

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PHOENIX -- For many people, a safari is the trip of a lifetime -- a journey worthy of a high spot on the bucket list.

Unfortunately, there are would-be adventurers who believe such a trip simply can't be done on a budget. Mat Dry of TIA Safaris said that's not true at all.

"Traveling to Africa is affordable and a life-changing experience that also helps preserve the wildlife, land and people," he says. "Most people think Africa is out of reach and it really is a very realistic trip for those looking to travel. A trip to Africa is educational, cultural, picturesque and of course fun."

Dry developed a passion for Africa, one he wants to share. That's why he created TIA (This Is Africa) Safaris.

"Our mission is to make you see the wonder of the most untamed and beautiful part of the world,
 reads the company's website.

Dry sat down with 3TV's Kaley O'Kelley to explain how he fell in love with Africa and what others can experience on safari.