How to boost your sexuality, intimacy

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PHOENIX -- All couples have ups and downs when it comes to sex and there are many ways to boost intimacy. But we wanted to share a few ideas for improving your sex life that you might not have thought of.

Color - Sexy billionaire Christian Grey may have his red room of pain in the saucy bestseller "Fifty Shades of Grey," but it turns out that purple is actually the sexiest color you can paint your bedroom.

A new survey has found that people with a purple color scheme in their boudoir have the most sex, chalking up 3.49 intimate encounters each week.

Despite the title of the E L James blockbuster, those with grey bedrooms notch up a paltry 1.8 weekly romps, according to

Nutrition - Lean proteins and good fats feed our brain and many people say good sex starts in our brains.

Manage stress -  Stress is one of the top sex-drive killers that most couples complain about.

Exercise - Exercising releases all kinds of chemicals and hormones in our bodies, improving the likelihood to want to have sex. These chemicals and hormones all play a key role in your sex drive and sexual experiences.

Hormone balance - If none of these suggestions help, get your hormones tested. You may need a testosterone boost or help for thyroid.

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