3 Injured after boat explodes at Lake Pleasant

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

LAKE PLEASANT, Ariz. -- There was an explosion next to the main boat ramp at Lake Pleasant at around 9:30 Sunday morning.
“When I turned around I saw a guy flying up in the air,” said Al Heber as he was trying to get his boat ready for the water. "It was like a big gunshot, like a canon or something like that. We just saw pieces flying all over the place.”
The Peoria Fire Department said five people were on board at the time. Three of them ended up badly burned and airlifted separately to the Maricopa County Burn Unit.
"They're serious injuries, flash burns, some traumatic injuries from the explosion itself,” said Peoria Fire Battalion Chief Tom Pendley.
3TV was told one woman was impaled in the arm by the oil dipstick from the boat's motor.

The explosion sent boat pieces all over the lake. Some have been recovered and hauled off while others are still beneath the water near the boat ramp.

Peoria Fire has yet to determine what sparked the explosion.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office will pick it from here and figure out how to get the rest of the boat parts out of the water. They’ll also try to figure out exactly what happened.