Local Muslims worry about backlash in America

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PHOENIX -- There's concern this year at the annual Muslim American Society of Arizona convention.
“We're cautious and then we recognize that other people around the Muslim community within the same community are also cautious,” said Jason Vail Cruz, the executive director of the Muslim American Society of Arizona.
Cautious because of erupting violence around the world.
“What they're doing particularly when they're involving violence or breaking of international law is really against our religion,” said Cruz. “Certainly there's a higher level of caution.”
Violence has now erupted in more than 20 countries from the Middle East to southeast Asia. Anger and outrage over the release of an anti-Islam film mocking the Prophet Mohammed.
“For a believer this is as awful as if we're kicked in the stomach, because we care so much about this man,” said Cruz.
With anger towards America right now, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning stating "the risk of violence could increase both at home and abroad."
Cruz says the anger is coming from those not understanding the freedoms people have in America, like the ability to make any kind of film without the government's permission.
“From their perspective if a film was made which is a travesty of a film, then the government had to be involved somehow because that's their frame of reference. Whereas here we recognize that's not the case, we have the freedoms of speech and anybody can go and make a film about anything and they're able to do that,” said Cruz.