Family says grandmother didn't have chance to show license in now-viral arrest video

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KEENE, Texas -- The nation is watching and talking about the traffic stop trouble between a North Texas grandmother and a Keene police sergeant.

The police dashcam and chestcam video News 8 showed Wednesday night went viral Thursday. Also Thursday, the woman's family came to her defense.

Lynn Bedford, 77, doesn't dispute she was speeding, but her family strongly disagrees with how Keene Police Sargeant Gene Geheb sought her driver's license.

On the police video, Bedford and Geheb have an escalating exchange:

Bedford: "Alright, let's hurry up, I've got to go the bathroom."

Geheb: "Let me see your driver's license and insurance please."

Bedford: "I have a bladder infection."

Geheb: "Let me see your driver's license and insurance please."

Bedford: "Well, you listen to me..."

Geheb: "No, I want your driver's license and insurance, please, then I will listen to you."

Bedford wasn't talking Thursday, but her granddaughter, Aubrey McQue of Cleburne, claims Geheb was impatient.

"She didn't do anything wrong, she didn't refuse to give her driver's license," McQue said.

On the police videos, Geheb thought otherwise.

Geheb: "Step out of the vehicle. Get out of the vehicle. Get out of the vehicle."

Bedford: "You are hurting me."

Geheb: "Get of of the vehicle."

Bedford: "I'm going to report you for hurting me."

Geheb: "Step out of the vehicle. You are under arrest."
Geheb then pulls Bedford from the vehicle and handcuffs her.

At a news conference at the office of Bedford's attorney, News 8 asked McQue why Bedford just didn't turn over her driver's license as the officer asked.

"She wasn't afforded an opportunity," McQue responded.

Bedford later told the officer, after she was in handcuffs and in his patrol car, that her license was in her purse.

The granddaughter said Bedford wants an apology and doesn't plan to file a lawsuit against the City of Keene "right now."

But Bedford's attorney, Clay Graham, doesn't rule it out.

"It's too early to say that there's no claim or there is a claim, because there's a lot of complexity to this," he said.

Bedford still faces citations for speeding and failure to produce a driver's license.

Keene police didn't respond to a request to comment Thursday.

However in a statement Wednesday, Chief Rocky Alberti said Geheb did nothing wrong.