Daughter of Libya's PM leads Tempe vigil

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

TEMPE, Ariz. -- The daughter of Libya's new prime minister helped lead a vigil in Tempe Thursday night.

Soumiea Abushagur's father was recently elected to the position. She has lived and worked in the Valley for several years.

"To be honest, Libyans are in shock," she told 3TV.

"When [my father] got the news, he and the entire government was in shock.  They never expected this. Libyans love America," she added.

Zana Alattar organized the Tempe vigil. She and a couple dozen members of the local Muslim community gathered to light candles and walk with signs down Mill Avenue.

The group is concerned by the message the anti-American violence in parts of the Middle East is spreading.  They condemned the recent violence, sparked in part by a movie critical of Muslims.

The US Ambassador killed in Libya was a friend of the new prime minister.

"He was amazing. Relentless. Libya's success as a democracy was his goal. He loved the Libyan people and the people knew that," Abushagur said.

She says most Libyans are grateful to the United States for helping overthrow the Gadhafi regime, and insists those who attacked the embassy represent a small group of extremists.