NFL player from Phoenix plays with broken arm

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Nick Sundberg By Jennifer Thomas Nick Sundberg By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- In the NFL, long-snappers aren't usually in the spotlight. A Washington Redskins player from Phoenix changed that this past Sunday.

Nick Sundberg, who grew up in North Phoenix and attended North Canyon High School, played the second half of the Redskins-Saints game with a broken left arm.

Sundberg felt the snap after hitting his arm on another player's helmet.

"I broke the same arm before, so I knew exactly what had happened," Sundberg told a radio show in Washington, D.C.

Sundberg broke the same arm while playing for North Canyon.

"That's pretty tough. Something you like to see," said Sundberg's former teammate and current North Canyon Assistant Coach Kris Schlepp.

Sundberg played through the pain.

"I think the shock that I'd broken my arm and the adrenaline was covering up the pain at that point," he said.

The snapper's teen years might have something to do with his high pain tolerance. Sundberg said his mother worked for Scottsdale-based TASER International. He and his friends would often use TASER's different products on each other.