Grand Canyon hiker talks about his 20-story fall

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- A French tourist is talking about his tumble into the Grand Canyon.

"We just wanted to watch the sunset and wanted to find the best spot to watch the sunset," 24-year-old Florent Borrell explained from his hospital bed at Flagstaff Medical Center.

Borrell and his girlfriend, Pauline Ferron, were taking pictures when he said the rocks beneath him crumbled.

"I saw the rocks break and saw the fall, but couldn't see the end of the fall," Ferron said.

Borrell tumbled about 200 feet down the canyon wall, according to park officials.

"I remember the cry of my girlfriend," said Borrell, who said he blacked out for much of the rest of the rescue.

Crews took about five hours to reach Borrell and had to use pulleys in the dark to hoist him out.

Borrell suffered ankle and arm injuries, but doctors at Flagstaff Medical said his injuries could have been much worse.

The tourists were traveling around the western United States with stops in Yellowstone, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

"The Grand Canyon is very beautiful, but very dangerous," Ferron said. "We're going to continue, but will stick to cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles."