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"A Dr. Phil Exclusive: Friends of George Zimmerman - 'The Most Hated Man in America' - Speak Out"
The shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin left many in the nation outraged and the suspect, George Zimmerman, labeled "The Most Hated Man in America" by some, and a racist by others. In a Dr. Phil exclusive, Zimmerman's best friends, Mark and Sondra Osterman, who kept George secretly hidden away for more than a month before his arrest, speak out for the first time about the controversy. Mark, who works in law enforcement, admits he went with Zimmerman to the shooting range and helped him pick out the gun used to kill Trayvon -- a gun that did not have an external safety. Hear why the couple believes Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch leader, had every right to carry the deadly weapon. Do they believe he did the right thing by opening fire? And, did Mark coach Zimmerman for his police interview? Then, Trayvon's stepmom, Alicia, breaks her silence for the first time and shares what she believes happened that fateful night. Did Zimmerman act in self-defense? Should he be convicted of second-degree murder? Where do you stand on the heated case? Watch and weigh in at DrPhil.com.

"New York Soccer Madam?"
Anna Gristina made national headlines and was dubbed the "New York Soccer Mom Madam" when she was arrested and accused of running a multimillion dollar prostitution empire out of an Upper East Side apartment. After being at the center of a five-year undercover investigation and spending four months in jail, she's now out on bail, facing one felony count of promoting prostitution; a charge that could land her in jail for up to seven years -- or get her deported -- if convicted. In a Dr. Phil exclusive, the 44-year-old mother of four addresses the accusations against her and explains why she says she's completely innocent. Then, Anna drops a bombshell about why she believes she was targeted by investigators -- is there a political conspiracy behind the headlines? And, Anna's husband, Kelvin, speaks out for the first time about how this highly-publicized ordeal is affecting their marriage -- and their family. Plus, hear from two of Anna's four children about their struggles since their mother was thrust into the spotlight.

"Top Model Intervention"
At 22, Jael was an aspiring star and finalist on the hit show America's Next Top Model. A statuesque beauty, her future seemed prime with possibility -- until the darkness of substance abuse and addiction stole her from the spotlight. Now 28, the former model's family says her drug habit has taken a toll both mentally and physically, including rotting her teeth and leaving her body covered in sores, and they fear for her life. With Jael living on the streets, Dr. Phil sends mother-son intervention team Brandon and Debbie to Jael's hometown to find her and stage an intervention -- but their trip does not go as planned. Find out what they discover. Desperate to get Jael the help she needs, Brandon finally locates her, and what follows is the most out-of-control drug rage in Dr. Phil history. Reluctantly, Jael agrees to travel to Los Angeles to see Dr. Phil, but just seconds before appearing onstage, she takes off running. Don't miss the unlikely place Dr. Phil goes to help her. Can he convince her to stop running and commit to getting well? Plus, Dr. Phil has some tough truths for Jael's parents. Could they be enabling their daughter's behavior?

"Robert Blake Revealed: The Man Behind the Murder Headlines"
In 2001, actor Robert Blake went from famous to infamous, when he was accused of killing his wife Bonny Lee Bakley. Though he was acquitted of murder, he was later found liable for her death in a civil trial, and was ordered to pay $15 million to Bakley's three eldest children. After keeping a low profile for much of the last decade, Blake has recently resurfaced, promoting his memoir, Tales of a Rascal. The 78-year-old Baretta star sits down with Dr. Phil to set the record straight about his reputation and the negative press that surrounds him. Why does he say he was carrying a gun on the night his wife was shot to death? And, what does he believe happened? Blake, who says he's now broke and alone, opens up about his painful past. Why does he believe his parents wanted him dead -- before he was even born? Plus, don't miss the actor's emotional tribute to his 12-year-old daughter, Rosie.

"Trayvon Martin's Parents: The Questions They Want Answered"
On the night of February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman, 28, shot and killed unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The incident quickly captured media attention and polarized the nation. Recently, Dr. Phil spoke to Zimmerman's best friends, who shocked the public when they defended their friend, whom some are calling "The Most Hated Man in America." Today, Trayvon's parents, Tracy and Sybrina, who say they have been living a nightmare for the past six months, respond to the interview and share their story. As their emotions pour out, they ask Dr. Phil for answers to some tough questions. Find out the one thing they want the public to know about their son. Zimmerman, who is currently free on bail, offered an apology to Tracy and Sybrina. Are the grief-stricken parents able to forgive him? If given the chance, what would they say to Zimmerman?