Dr. Oz: New season tackles fat burners, embarrassing questions, emotional baggage

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PHOENIX -- "The Dr. Oz Show" will welcome first lady Michelle Obama, whose advocacy for child nutrition and health have been a cornerstone of her work while in the White House, to discuss two new issues that are part of her Let's Move! Initiative - improvements to the federal guidelines for school lunches that go into effect this school year and updates to the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

The nationally syndicated, two-time Daytime Emmy® Award-winning "The Dr. Oz Show" taped the show on Aug. 29 in New York City, to be broadcast nationally Sept.12.

As part of the appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show," Mrs. Obama will talk about how the changes to the school lunch program will help kids become healthier. The new federal nutrition guidelines for school lunches include more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, and low-fat milk dairy products. In addition, the First Lady will reveal improvements to the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

"Mrs. Obama works tirelessly to focus our nation on prevention and educate youth about the critical need to eat right and stay active," said host Mehmet Oz, M.D. "This message of prevention will imprint good habits on a generation of young people and result in longer lives and less disease.  I am humbled and honored that the first lady will appear on our show to ignite this conversation with my audience."

The first lady and the White House are highlighting recent improvements to child nutrition and physical activity to coincide with the back-to-school season when children's health is at the top of minds for many Americans.  Her appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show" will air as part of the launch week of the top-rated daytime talk show's fourth season, which begins Sept. 10.

On Monday's "Good Morning! Arizona," Dr. Oz checked with Kaley O'Kelley live via satellite to talk about what he has planned for the first week of the new season.

Monday, Sep. 10 -- The Fat Burner That Works!
In the season premiere, it's the biggest Oz experiment in television history - 100 women test the popular fat burner that has created a tsunami of attention and unprecedented popularity. "The Dr. Oz Show" medical unit and advisory board put it to the test - tune in to find out what it is and if it's one of the most important discoveries in battling obesity. Then, you may see Dr. Oz's endorsements in stores and online, but are they true? Dr. Oz addresses the companies falsely using his name and image to market vitamins, supplements and foods.

Dr. Oz will discuss:

  • How the study was conducted and the criteria for participating
  • The results of the study and what they indicate for this fat burner
  • How rogue marketers create false ads on the internet
  • What to do when you see Dr. Oz's name and image in marketing for vitamins, supplements and foods

Tuesday, Sept. 11 -- Restart Your Body! 200 Women Take Back Their Health!
Dr. Oz has been waiting for this day a long time! Today, every single person in the audience is wearing purple gloves. Dr. Oz usually only has one, but today everyone will hold the organ they want to restart the most. Dr. Oz is doing this to help audience members connect with their body on the inside. Specifically, Dr. Oz is going to focus on the top four organs he wants you to restart - today. These four organs are the key to changing how long you will live, how good you will feel, and even - how many pounds you can lose.

Dr. Oz will discuss how you can re-start the following four organs:

  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Intestines
  • Thyroid

Wednesday, Sept. 12 -- First lady Michelle Obama
Dr. Oz and First Lady Michelle Obama sit down for the first time on Dr. Oz's stage! In an unbelievably candid and relaxed interview, Dr. Oz asks the questions you won't see anywhere else. Their interview gets off the couch so Mrs. Obama can teach us her jump-rope work-out - but can Dr. Oz keep up? Then, Mrs. Obama plays lunch lady to three kid taste-testers, unveiling the new improvements to the federal guidelines for school lunches taking effect this school year. Mrs. Obama will also answer viewer questions and even teach Dr. Oz how to Dougie.

Dr. Oz and Michelle Obama will discuss:

  • Two new issues of her Let's Move! Initiative: improvements to the federal guidelines for school lunches and updates to the Presidential Youth Fitness Program
  • Why the first lady chose to focus on obesity as her greatest mission
  • The challenges and criticism she has faced and how they have impacted her cause

Thursday, Sept. 13 -- Oz Uncensored: Your Most Humiliating, Embarrassing Confessions Answered!
We've done more than 500 shows, helped you lose more than 3 million pounds, held some of the largest free health clinics is history - but which shows have always been your hands-down favorite? Embarrassing questions! That's why today Dr. Oz is devoting one entire hour to your most excruciating, awkward, health problems of all time. Today, Dr. Oz picked a few of his favorite embarrassing questions that made it past The Dr. Oz Show censors! Fasten your seatbelts - for the first time ever it's Oz Uncensored!

Dr. Oz will answer embarrassing questions on the following topics:

  • Can you actually pass out if have diarrhea?
  • Camel Toe and its impact on your health

Friday, Sept. 14 -- A Dr. Oz Event! The Ultimate Intervention: How To Let Go of Your Emotional Baggage
This is a show that's different from any other Dr. Oz has ever done. What's holding you back from getting healthy? What keeps you hostage and makes you feel powerless in your own body? Emotional baggage - a leading cause of poor health today. Today, a special audience has packed their metaphorical and physical baggage, but they have no idea Dr. Oz is taking them to Miraval Resort in Tucson, AZ - straight from the studio - for the intervention of a lifetime. Together they'll learn how to shed it, move forward and get healthy. Dr. Oz is joined by Valerie Burton, a certified personal coach and author of "What's Really Holding You Back?"

Dr. Oz and Valerie will discuss:

  • The definition of emotional baggage and how to identify it
  • The four steps you need to take combat your emotional baggage
  • If it's possible to ever let your emotional baggage go?