Good Samaritans help family escape from burning apartment

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- It was a scary wake-up call for a family at the Yucca Apartments in Phoenix.
"All you see are the flames coming out of the balcony and all you hear is the crackling from all the wood going at it," said Amber Gonzales, who lives a couple of doors down.
The flames were from a fire that is believed to have started on the front porch and then spread rapidly, trapping a family of four on the second story.
"Within seconds of the fire you hear mom and dad yelling," Gonzales said.
Since the family couldn't go out the front, the only safe escape was out a window, starting with the kids. The 4-month-old and 8-year-old fell into the hands of a couple of good samaritans. Christopher Young was there helping the family escape the fire.
"The baby grabbed me and was shaking and then I said, 'Get them out, make them get out,' and they couldn't run out of the front, which I'm sure they felt the heat because the whole front was on fire," Young said.
Once the kids were safe, it was the parents' turn to make a leap of their own.
"We said, 'Jump, you're going to have to jump,' you know," Young said.
First the dad jumped and then the mom. Soon after firefighters were on scene.
"Too fast to think about being scared, you just react and go and for me I was worried about the children and making sure they were safe and that's about it," Young said.
Firefighters are still determining the cause of the fire.