Phoenix weather: Monsoon 2012 above average

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PHOENIX -- For the most part, it was a pretty impressive monsoon morning across metro Phoenix. Some areas of the central city got more than 1 inch of rain in a brief period of time. That said, other parts of town, including the west side, got nothing. Out in Mesa, one rain gauge got 2-1/3 inches of rain. Many areas experienced street flooding during the late morning hours.

The big news is that we got .51 inches at Sky Harbor International Airport. That gives us an “official” total for Monsoon 2012 of 2.92 inches. Why is that important? It's the first time since 2008 that we've gotten more than average rain during our summer thunderstorm season. The average for Phoenix is 2.71 inches. There's a graphic we’ve included with this story that also shows that in three of the past 10 years, we've had more than average monsoon rains.

Yet the drought continues. Overall, our rainfall total for Phoenix is only 3.28 inches for all of 2012, nearly 2 inches behind our normals. More simply, we've had 66 percent of the average amount of rain for this time of year. We're behind, but this decent monsoon is helping.

For the weekend, the air mass remains very moist so we'll have a chance for thunderstorms into early next week. However, Friday night should be pretty quiet around the Valley with only scattered showers expected.

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