Suspect in series of car burglaries arrested by YCSO

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Andrew Roncaglia By Andrew Michalscheck Andrew Roncaglia By Andrew Michalscheck

SEDONA, Ariz. -- The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man suspected of breaking into several cars parked at trailheads in the Village of Oak Creek.

Sedona resident Andrew Roncaglia, 31, was arrested Monday and booked into the Camp Verde Detention Center on multiple criminal charges.

While first investigating the series of break-ins, a detective with the YCSO learned that 12 of the 21 reported cases took place between the Devil’s Bridge and Long Canyon trailheads.

Most of the break-ins took place in the middle of the morning, and involved forced entry by a rock or similar object. The suspect would then grab items from the vehicle before fleeing the area.

While investigating the burglaries at the trailheads, the YCSO detective also began investigating an August 15 burglary at the Seven Canyons golf pro shop.

It was believed that the person behind the burglary worked at the pro shop, because the stolen money was kept in an area of the shop only known to employees.

The detective also believed that the person responsible for the trailhead burglaries might be the same person who stole money from the golf course.

Those suspicions only increased on August 31, when two more trailhead burglaries took place near Seven Canyons.

On Monday, detectives were conducting surveillance at the Long Canyon trailhead when they reportedly saw Roncaglia get out of a truck and start looking inside vehicles in the parking lot.

Roncaglia was allegedly about the break into a car when he was apprehended by detectives.

Roncaglia denied trying to break into the vehicle during questioning. Authorities searched his truck bed and found shoes with sole prints matching those found at other trailhead burglaries.

A pink purse was also found in Roncaglia’s truck. He claimed it was his girlfriend’s, but her name didn’t match the identification in the purse.

Roncaglia eventually admitted to taking the purse earlier that day, and reportedly told investigators that a drug habit was behind his recent criminal activity.

Investigators have been able to link Roncaglia to at least 12 vehicle burglaries. They have also learned that he works at Seven Canyons, but have yet to link him to the burglary in the pro shop.

Roncaglia is facing 12 counts of burglary, deface/damage property, theft, and two narcotics violations. He’s in custody on a $35,000 bond.