Phoenix weather: rain in the forecast for next six days

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Well, here it is. We’ve avoided it all summer long and we’re quite proud of that. But on Wednesday, we had a seven-day forecast that had a chance of rain for the next six days, Thursday through Tuesday. It’s the worst for meteorologists.

Guaranteed, it’s not going to rain each of those days. And it may only rain one or two days, or if we really get on a roll, three of those days. But there it is, a seven-day forecast with a chance for rain in six of the days. In the desert. In Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, it's rather frustrating.

Here’s the deal: most of our weather models are indicating a slight chance for rain most days (20%) because they’re having some difficulty dealing with the transition this year from the monsoon to our usually drier fall season.

So when the computers can’t get can get a handle on the weather picture, we start seeing this. It’s one of the reasons desert forecasts can be so difficult at times because our weather changes can be much more subtle than many other areas.

For the record, it looks like early next week, Monday and Tuesday, there should be an uptick in monsoon thunderstorms. But we could have a storm on any of the next six days. Temperatures will also be about average for this time of year with highs around 100.