Viral video: Mama duck leads ducklings across busy highway in Canada

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

TORONTO -- In a harrowing crossing reminiscent of the popular '80's arcade game Frogger, a mama duck and her brood made their way across a busy highway outside Toronto.

Mama duck led her babies through a hole in the cement barrier and on to the roadway. The little flock then darted through openings in traffic, crossing three lanes.

The trip from the barrier to the glen on the other side of the highway was not without mishaps.Wind from speeding vehicles blew the fluffy little ducklings every which way, but despite a few close calls, mama and her babies made it.

CTV Toronto's helicopter caught the ducks' entire journey on video and it's a nail-biter. Even Johnjay of KISS-FM radio duo Johnjay and Rich, was captivated.

Naturally, the duck drama has gone viral.