Couple, baby injured in car-pedestrian wreck

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Four people, including a young child, are in the hospital after an early morning car-pedestrian wreck near Kiwanis Park in Tempe.

Early indications are that a couple walking with their 4-month-old daughter in a stroller were hit by a car at Guadalupe Road and All America Way, which is west of Rural Road.

"These are some of the toughest ones that we're going to go to, involving small children and a family," Sgt. Steve Carbajal of the Tempe Police Department.

Video from the scene showed a green car, a wrecked pickup truck next to a toppled light pole and a stroller in the street.

Police said the green car was making a turn when the driver spotted the family and hit the brakes. The pickup truck hit the car and then the family before plowing into a light pole.

The Tempe Fire Department confirmed that the couple, Daniel and Amy Berarde, and their 4-month-old baby were all taken to a local hospital, as was the driver of the green car.

Amy, 30, is in critical condition, while Daniel, 33, suffered non life-threatening injuries, according to Jeffrey Glover of the Tempe Police Department. The Berardes' baby is listed in serious condition.

The driver of the green car, Ruben Garcia Montalbo, 59, also suffered non life-threatening injuries, including a broken scapula.

"He's at the trauma center," his wife said. "We're waiting for the orthopedic surgeon to decided whether he needs surgery or just a sling."

The driver of the pickup, Michael Angel Ontiveros Jr., was badly shaken, but not seriously injured. The 25-year-old was treated on the scene, then arrested on unrelated warrants.

Investigators do not believe impairment was a factor in the wreck, but said both the green car and the pickup were driving east, into the rising sun.

"Our goal is to figure out what happened and put this puzzle together," Carbajal said. "We want to do right by those people and put everything together as best we can …."

Police shut down Guadalupe Road on the south side of Kiwanis Park in order to conduct their investigation.The area has since reopened to traffic.