Hiker rescued from Camelback Mountain

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- For the second day in a row, a technical rescue crew from the Phoenix Fire Department was on the steep and rocky slopes of Camelback Mountain rescuing a hapless hiker overcome by the Valley's relentless heat and the mountain's unforgiving terrain.

"He wasn't prepared to be on the mountain today," said Phoenix Fire Department Capt. Jonathan Jacobs. 

"About 1 o'clock today we got a call from a 26-year-old male who was about three-fourths of the way up the mountain and he said he was becoming very fatigued and very dizzy," Jacobs said.

Fire crews rushed to the scene along with the city's Firebird helicopter and after stabilizing the hiker on the side of the mountain, crews walked the young man to a nearby landing area where he was loaded onboard the chopper and flown to the ground.

"He really got himself in a jam," Jacobs said after the hiker was safely down.  

Jacobs said the hiker was an out-of-town visitor who did not have adequate water for Tuesday's 100-plus degree temperatures. 

"We're getting past the point where people are not exercising good judgment," Jacobs said.

Tuesday's mountain rescue follows a very similar scenario that played out on Camelback Monday when two teenage boys also got in trouble without adequate water and planning. And, like today, a technical rescue team and the Firebird helicopter had to come save the day.