Sky Harbor Airport janitors want new contract with benefits

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- When you're at Sky Harbor Airport, and you look at a sign, use the restroom or throw out your trash, the person keeping your surroundings clean probably works for GCA.

Isabell Marquez is one of more than 200 janitors employed through GCA services.

"Good people," she said of her co-workers. "A lot of hard workers."

While she may speak highly of her team, she's not happy with her bosses. She said workers are fed up with a base pay of minimum wage

"$7.65 is nothing the way everything is right now, with food going up, gas and all that," said Marquez.  

They also want benefits, plus paid vacation and sick leave.

"What if I get sick or something? I can't afford to miss work, because I don't get paid enough," she said.

This is the plea Marquez and other janitors are making to Phoenix City Council.

This year the Council will likely decide wether to stay with GCA or go with another service company.

City Council woman Thelda Williams said in a statement, "I'm hoping it turns out that it benefits the employees as much as it benefits the City of Phoenix."

Janitors are asking that Council choose an employer that will give workers what they want.

Councilwoman Williams says it's possible that there could be a vote on a new contract later this year.