Frustration flowing over water line break in Paradise Valley

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. -- Neighbors in a Paradise Valley neighborhood are upset with the City of Phoenix.

They claim the City has done nothing to plug a leaky pipe for nearly two weeks.

“Last Monday I noticed water draining down our street and as the days went on and we left our house we'd notice the water wasn't stopping,” said Gina Vanderrest. “It’s a constant flow.”

In fact, the water has been free flowing from a broken 1 inch line for 13 days.

“My concern would be, first of all, we live in a desert where we don't waste water, we've all been raised not to waste water,” said Vanderrest. “Secondly this has to cost someone money ultimately. I'm sure I’ll end up paying it somehow.”

Phoenix officials said workers responded the same day the leak was reported. The area has been sprayed and staked in anticipation of work being done, but still, the break has yet to be fixed.

“It's somewhat disappointing to us too but the challenge is the prioritization of the expansive system we have,” said Phoenix Deputy Water Services Director Kenneth Morgan. “Just one of those things based on priority of other leaks and volume of other leaks this time of year when it's extremely hot like this we tend to experience in the older parts of our infrastructure a huge number of leaks we have on an average every day.”

This leak is considered to be a slow leak or a priority three, and shutting off the line would mean residents would not have water service until it fixed.

“I'd love to say we will catch all the leaks, we do have a service level where we'd like to respond to all within 5 days based upon the complexity of leak, the volume of the leak and the number of available staff we need to get in and out,” said Morgan. “And based on the volume of leaks in we have in the system ahead of this one, the repair is scheduled to be done tomorrow.”