Local Raiders fans trying to change bad image

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PHOENIX -- Local Raiders fans are trying to change the "Raider image."
“A lot of Oakland Raiders fans have a bad reputation for being violent and everything and that's an image we're trying to change,” said Jennifer Jones, who is with the Oakland Raiders soldiers booster club.
So they've teamed up with an advocacy group out of California called "Fans Against Violence" to remind fans of all teams that it's just a game.
“We want to spread the word to other fans that it's just not acceptable,” said Jones.
Saturday's car wash is in response to the shooting that happened on August 17 in the parking lot at the University of Phoenix stadium during the Cardinal's preseason match up against the Oakland Raiders.

A fight escalated between two men, a Cards fan and a Raiders fan, when a gun was pulled.
“We just want to show to people that we don't condone, that not all Raiders fans are like that,” said Michael Smallwood, who is with the Phoenician Raiders Booster Club.
As a fundraiser, Smallwood says all the money raised during the car wash will be sent to "fans against violence" to help pay for spreading their message.
“We just want to put the message out that everybody should be able to go to a game or a sports bar and enjoy the event without feeling of fear of being attacked,” said Smallwood.