Scam alert: PCSO impersonator trying to collect fines in connection with jury duty

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. -- Somebody pretending to be part of the Pinal County Sheriff's Office is calling people and demanding they pay fines for failing to appear for jury duty.

PCSO said a woman who lives in Casa Grande received such a call Wednesday morning. The caller asked the woman for her credit-card information to pay the fake fine. Deputies traced the call to a FAX line in Jamaica.

“It is disheartening that there are criminals who will take every advantage to harm the public," Jury Commissioner and Clerk of the Superior Court Chad Roche said in a news release. "This is particularly heinous because it impacts one of the highest calls to duty a citizen can answer and that is Jury Service. Equal access to justice and providing qualified Jurors to the Judiciary is something that we at the COSC take very seriously. If you receive a call requesting your credit card information to pay a fine for Failure to Appear, alert the proper authorities immediately.”

Associate Jury Commissioner Norma Cruz wants to remind Pinal County residents that if they are summoned for jury duty, they will receive that summons in the mail.

"You will not receive a phone call by a PCSO officer for Failure to Appear, so anyone purporting to be a PCSO Officer collecting fines on our behalf is not a legitimate call," she explained.

To verify that your name is in the current jury pool, you can call the Jury Department directly at 520-866-5311. You may learn more about serving as a juror by visiting; click on the link at the left named Jury Information.

If you receive a call from somebody trying to collect a fine for failing to appear for jury duty, jot down the phone number and contact PCSO at 1-800-420-8689.