Dbacks down but not out

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PHOENIX -- After dropping eight of their last ten games, the Arizona Diamondbacks are in a state of flux.

“Everybody is searching.  And the more you search the tougher it gets,” Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson declared after falling to the Reds 6-2 on Wednesday.  “Nobody feels sorry for us. We don’t feel sorry for ourselves. That’s part of what we signed up for.”

Gibson’s displeasure could be seen on the faces of every player throughout the clubhouse.

“Things didn’t go as planned," Diamondbacks center fielder Chris Young stated.  “We expected to play better at home and we just weren’t able to find a way to do it.”

“It’s frustrating," second baseman Aaron Hill added. “We are just not finishing out ball games.”

“It has been hard.  It has been hard for everybody," catcher Miguel Montero said.  “Everybody is trying to contribute someway somehow.  Things haven’t worked out the way we want and it is frustrating for everybody.”

Going into the final 31-game stretch of the season the Diamondbacks are now nine games back of the Giants in the National League West.  Undoubtedly, it is a big lead.  However, insurmountable?  No way.

“You have to win now," Montero said. “There are 31 games left and we are nine games behind.  It is going to be tough but it is not impossible. We have to do it.”

“We have to play better baseball. That is what it is going to come down too.”  Young added. “We have to win a lot of ball games.  I don’t know if winning the series will be enough for us now.  We might have to sweep a couple to get back in contention.  We put ourselves in a rough area but I think we can work our way out of it.” 

There is no better time than now to start climbing up the standings as the Diamondbacks embark on a ten-game road trip, all against divisional rivals.

“It’s extremely important if we want to make the playoffs," Young proclaimed. “Luckily for us, we do play the Dodgers and the Giants quite a bit so that could have a good impact on the standings and that is all we can focus on right now.”

“We got the guys we are chasing right in front of us these next few games," Hill stated. “It will be a big road series and we just kick it into gear hopefully.”

Extra Points
•    The Diamondbacks play the Dodgers and Giants 15 times in the last 31 games.