Phoenix weather: Monsoon may be making a comeback

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PHOENIX -- There's some good news for folks who are looking for more rain in Arizona. There are a few signs in the atmosphere that signal the monsoon may be making a bit of a comeback in Arizona late week.

Already today, we've had some big thunderstorms in western Arizona and Thursday we expect a few more storms to develop in the southern part of our state. Those storms have a chance to propagate toward the Valley by Thursday night. The chance for thunderstorms, at this point, will be in the forecast through Saturday night.

In the meantime, temperatures in the Valley are still running above average. We're forecasting highs in the 103 to 107 range through the weekend, so no big changes.

Everyone, of course, continues to watch the progress of Isaac in southern Louisiana. The flooding has been very severe in many locations and a check of rainfall amounts shows that in New Orleans just today, about 8 inches of rain has fallen. That's about an average year of rain for metro Phoenix. And the forecast continues to be very wet, with another 8 to 12 inches of rain possible across some locations of Louisiana and Mississippi.

The other threat through the night from Isaac is from the possibility of tornadoes.

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