Sinema looking to give 9th District voters hope

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Kyrsten Sinema By Catherine Holland Kyrsten Sinema By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Facing a crowded field in the race for the Democrats' nomination in the newly create Congressional District 9, former state lawmaker Kyrsten Sinema won by double digits.

"We spent the last nine months talking to the voters of Congressional District 9 and what we heard loud and clear is they're ready for change. They're ready for people to go to Washington and actually solve problems, create jobs, help families, instead of what we see now, which is mostly partisan bickering," Sinema told 3TV's Javier Soto and Dennis Welch just hours after her big win.

Sinema said the goal of her campaign now is to give people hope "that Republicans and Democrats can work together, we can solve problems."

While the Republican race for CD9, also a large field, is still too close to call, Vernon Parker holds a slim lead.

"We're not really that concerned about who the Republican opponent is," Sinema said. "What we do know is that all the Republicans who are running in that race have attachments to the same failed policies. … We're ready to have that conversation with the voters.

"We think the person who focuses the most on creating jobs and helping families will come out on top," she continued.

Sinema said she's not sure if she'll be getting financial support from Democrats in Washington, but she said her campaign plans to do what it did in the primary -- rely on small local contributors and people living in the district -- "the average citizens of Arizona," who simply want to be heard.

"If folks come in to help, that's great. But if they don't, we've got enough support right in CD9 to do it on our own," she said.